Customer Loyalty Feedback Satisfaction Retention

B2B Customer Satisfaction/Brand Loyalty Measurement Programs (The Ultimate Question); Net Promoter® Score; and Voice of the Customer (VoC)

Essential Resources can design a customer satisfaction/brand loyalty measurement program that meets your company’s requirements, whether you need the program to meet a quality management program requirement, Six Sigma or hopefully because it  makes good business sense to have such a program to further develop the business and grow market share.

Increasing competition and fluctuating global economic conditions require that companies pay an even greater level of attention to customer satisfaction/brand loyalty measurement as they manage customer relationships.

Let’s face it losing a customer is never easy. Unfortunately, many companies today fail to draw on the abundance of valuable feedback available from customers that have recently defected. We will help turn this around and improve business operational performance and competitiveness by diagnosing the causes for customer loses and identify actions that can be taken quickly to maximize customer retention efforts.

While it is always gratifying to see positive feedback from enthusiastic customers, it is often the complaints, concerns, and critique that lead to the most actionable insights for companies. As a liaison between you and the customer, we get to the heart of customer frustrations affecting satisfaction and brand loyalty with one-on-one interviews. Our extensive analysis and comprehensive recommendations highlight organizational trouble spots–helping to reduce customer loses, improve brand loyalty and financial results.

Companies often have multiple touch points with the customer that occur all across the organization, including sales, support, warranty and accounting interactions. A VoC program is best heard as an ongoing conversation. The key to creating an effective VoC program is to gather and use information in a timely way that helps your business improve.

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*Net  Promoter Score was co-developed by Fredrick Reichhield, loyalty expert and Bain  Fellow and Dr. Laura Brooks of Satmetrix Systems.  Net Promoter® is a registered trademark of  Satmetrix Systems, Inc.