Customized Performance Measurement/Evaluation Systems Designed Around the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Life Cycle (for Capital Intensive Projects)  


A Customized Performance Measurement Program (for Capital Intensive Projects) adds tremendous value to a company’s project management process by enabling business managers to more fully document and clearly explain the rate of success or failure at each stage in the development of a project. 

We’ll work directly with your project managers and project engineers to thoroughly measure performance, analyze results, and provide management with detailed but easy to understand reports at each stage of the project management life cycle, thereby ensuring that management clearly understands at the end of each project what went right, what went wrong and why. 

In an independent, unbiased and objective way we’ll answer the inevitable questions that always surface at the end of every project and that is what did we learn; and, based on what we learned what can we do differently on the next project.

Key elements associated with Essential Resources Performance Measurement Programs


All five process management groups as defined by PMI are typically included in our programs. The five process groups include: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing.

Our programs are designed to fit each specific situation–there is no one size fits all approach. All the work we do when developing these programs is custom to the individual client’s business operations.

Our programs are developed in complete consultation with the client. The client needs to be completely satisfied with the design of the program and the performance assessment tools before any interviews are started.

All of our assessments are done one-on-one over the telephone when it is convenient for the project contacts. In many cases this involves overseas interviews in the evening with certain contacts who may be located overseas and working on site. We have extensive foreign language capabilities when conducting these assessments.

All of our assessments are conducted in a very professional, courteous and thorough manner. The Essential Resources staff person who conducted the interview is always readily available to talk with you about the results upon completion and delivery of the completed interview—in fact we strongly suggest it to all our clients as a matter of practice. These conversation always seems to bring additional clarity and insight into the results.