Do You Have Business To Business Challenges?

Let’s go to work!


We’ve been in business for 20+ years, so you can depend on us to be there when you need us

We’re profitable, debt-free, and privately owned so we answer to our customers and no one else

We are client-centric, meaning we emphasize your needs, not our processes

Essential Resources Philosophy:

  • We are effective
  • You’ll always get the answers you’re looking for and maybe even a few nuggets of truth you didn’t know you needed
  • We are smart
  • In addition to findings from the market research we conduct, you can count on insights about what those findings mean for you and your business
  • We are transparent
  • We’re going to be honest with you about our findings, our methodology, and what we think is best for you.
  • We are flexible

Essential Resources Knows How To:

  • Establish rapport with respondents in an environment of respect
  • Probe beyond rationalizations to uncover genuine motivations
  • Interpret and build on what they hear
  • Maintain flexibility in guiding the discussion while keeping the objectives in mind
  • “Turn on a dime” – adapt their approach when new/unexpected issues and insights arise
  • Manage the energy level and personality dynamics of the discussion for maximum participation
  • Ask questions without biasing or leading respondents

Essential Resources Is Prepared For Challenging Situations And Are Able To:

  • Effectively handle “over-talkers” and non-talkers
  • Keep unexpected issues from sabotaging the discussion
  • Probe contradictions that don’t “ring true”
  • Handle sensitive topics with diplomacy
  • Recognize problem respondents and act appropriately

Essential Resources Brings:

  • Mastery of multiple techniques
  • Experience in diverse disciplines
  • Knowledge about relevant trends in other categories and industries

You Need A Long-Term Approach:

Ongoing support and frequent communication. We want any client who works with us to feel that they’ve got a partner in the process and that partnership goes well beyond the scope of any one project. Consulting firms are often criticized for completing a key project and then disappearing. Don’t worry, we’ll stick around.